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Sometimes I'll get inspired to take a photo of something or I'll see a piece of art or a shot taken by someone else that catches my eye—this is where I will post them, along with any thoughts.
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“Did somebody say Egg Hunt? Nooooo! I’ll save you my little unhatched friends!”

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Made this recording just for fun, and did it in one take (mostly because it was pretty difficult for me to switch back and forth from rapping to singing, hahaha).  As I mention on all my karaoke posts, I’m not vocally trained, I just really enjoy singing (and sharing my stuff every once in a while).  Also yes, I’m aware words are missing.  I decided to do a “clean” version of the song.

This one is dedicated to my boy @Exceptionmusic (who favorited a tweet I wrote saying that I was thinking about doing this…which essentially made creating this recording obligatory :p).  If you want to listen to real quality rap, and you haven’t heard of this guy yet, then I highly recommend giving him a listen.  I’ve tacked on where you can get more information about him below.

The Exception:

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Interviewed actor Blaine Gray (IMDB | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube) for my blog, Cutting Edge Creativity.  Be sure to check out the entry!  Here’s the link: http://bit.ly/Y1bxwl

From a tweet by the Ravens team’s official Twitter.  The original image is from their instagram.  Original link here: