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Sometimes I'll get inspired to take a photo of something or I'll see a piece of art or a shot taken by someone else that catches my eye—this is where I will post them, along with any thoughts.
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This is my cover of Maroon 5’s “She Will Be Loved.”

It’s not perfect, but I also haven’t had vocal lessons.  Hopefully I don’t break any glasses or hurt any ears!

Also, the sound quality isn’t the same as the original because I was using a free program to make this, so it wouldn’t let me download the original track.  However, I recorded it onto another program using a mic and then transferred it to my computer so I could upload it here. 


(By the way, anyone have any idea why it might be that my Tumblr notes disappear or don’t appear at all on my Tumblr?  If anyone could let me know, that’d be great!  Thanks!)